Product Packaging / Branding


The objective of this project was to develop a product label for a food startup that captures the joy of the creator, while also standing out on a crowded field of competing products. The clients requested that the label required a die cut corn and the slogan: “This is the only corner we cut.”


Through a lengthy interview with the client, I was able to capture his enthusiasm for his product and find a look and feel that would work well on a crowded shelf. The text for the front of the bottle was big and bold, with a design with rough text and a barbeque grill drop shadow. The slogan: “This is the only corner we cut,” was treated with a large, prominent arrow to emphasize the die cut corner. I developed the copy for the story, which was put together based on the client interview, as well as the quote under the name. The colors were chosen to complement the color of the sauce and stand out on a shelf where many of the competing brands are with dark colored labels.