Cover Therapy

Design / Illustration


Cover Therapy is my senior thesis project. While faced with a limitless number of possible designs and problems to solve, I decided to focus on my interests and goals as a designer. My interest lies with narrative, illustration and value. I love to tell stories with my design, I love to illustrate, and it is important that the work I make creates a positive impact on the world. It was also instrumental that the work I developed could take me in a direction that I have not gone before. It was important that my project be inclusive of many different perspectives.


Cover Therapy turned into a series of blank journals that were gateways to a limited form of narrative therapy. A large part of narrative therapy is separating traumatizing events from the identity of the person that suffers that event by telling the story of what happened within an idea of a larger context. My thesis is that people can intuitively follow a positive path for outcome if they frame the story in the form of western dramatic structure. For the project, I created six journals with pulp fiction covers that satirize modern problems. The cover designs were produced to create a humorous perspective on an upsetting issue so that the viewer can begin the process of separating themselves from the problem..