Illustration / Design


Machinal is a contemporary play with a dark, oppressive storyline. The director wanted the team to convey the positive aspects of the story, and the ultimate catharsis for the character. She wanted to steer away from dark imagery for the look of the story. The design required a high degree of visibility for the text and imagery.


Version one:

Inspired by expressionism, I designed a black and yellow poster that conveyed the ultimate catharsis of the story. The character was electrocuted in the electric chair. This particular scene was conveyed in my design with the character ascending from the machine that trapped her and allowed for her to escape.

Version two:

Following the machine aesthetic of the play’s theme, I created a design to capture the struggle of the character of the story. Helen is trapped in the middle of the maze that is the machine. She stands confident, about to begin her journey that will eventually lead her to freedom. The maze is integrated into the title of the play. The only colors used are red and black, and all the angles are right angles. These design choices reflect the ominous tone of the narrative.