Two Gentlemen of Verona

Illustration / Graphic Design


This play was a retelling of the Shakespeare play in a modern setting, with the two male leads as Amish young men on their Rumspringa in the city. The director suggested a mid-century design aesthetic for the design parameters. It was also important that the dog in the play be featured if possible featured in the design


I decided to focus on the love triangle of the story. The two boys (Valentine and Proteus) are leaping recklessly, pulling on Silvia, the woman they have both fallen in love with. Silvia is standing on the ground pushing back against them. The three characters form the shape of a heart, which is placed behind them. The ground Silvia stands on is the tilted “T,” representing the instability of the situation. The title is inspired by mid-century hand-drawn lettering, and is off balanced without being crooked with the dog poking its head mischievously through the “O.” The design was used across campus and in print and electronic advertising.