Graphic Design / Illustration


I type set and illustrated a four-page spread for an article in issue number 11 of Zeromile Magazine, a student run publication that centers around art, design and culture in Denver, Colorado. The article was only four hundred words. The theme of the magazine was movement, emphasizing action and direction. The color palette was limited to three colors. The article was about racism in soap advertising and required a specific vintage illustration as part of the design.


I designed a dynamic page with steep angles to emphasize movement and utilized the color palette to counter balance and the lack of text. Both graphic spreads were designed at forty-five-degree angles, I rendered soap suds in white, with the bars of soap washing away black, as the ads would suggest. The bars have slogans that have racist undertones. The required image is placed behind the tiles, and peeks through missing tiles. The tiles cover the most offensive parts of the ads.

Additionally, I designed illustrations for the on-line version of the magazine.